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Electronic Construction Management System (eCMS)

NAVFAC eCMS is a web-based, enterprise project collaboration tool to improve post-award management of schedules, RFIs, designs, and submittals.
  • Allows collaboration via web-site (only web browser, internet, and digital ID)
  • Provides basic browser-based tools (i.e. communications, daily reports, and dashboards)

NAVFAC eCMS is intended for GOV and KTR users associated with a project (provided at no cost to the KTR or other users).
  • Reduces number of "hard" copies (i.e. paper media) needed on the project.
  • Allows tracking of documents.
  • Provides functionality on portable devices.
  • Allows archiving and mass download of the project to a zip file.
  • Provides data exchange with existing NAVFAC systems (i.e. ieFACMAN)

eCMS Links


Update (13 September 23):  

  • NAVFAC recently implemented important security upgrades for the eCMS system. Following the implementation, we have received reports from some users that they are experiencing issues accessing eCMS or are unable to access eCMS at all.
    The eCMS Team is aware of the issues and is working hard to resolve them as quickly as possible.
    One problem users encounter is that the eCMS user is not receiving the One-Time-Password (OTP) email message. There are only three possible reasons for this:
    • The email address in eCMS is incorrect.
    • The email message is going to the user’s Junk Mail.
    • The email message is being filtered by the user’s company firewall.
  • If this is the issue you are encountering, please see if one of the three situations identified above is applicable. If the email address is incorrect then report the issue as described below. The other two situations must be resolved by you and / or your company.
  •  If you are encountering access issues and DO HAVE access to the NAVFAC STS IT Ticketing system, please report the issue using the STS system (see below for requested information); If you DO NOT have access to the NAVFAC STS IT Ticketing System, please report the issue to NAVFAC at NITCOPSWATCH@US.NAVY.MIL.
  • When reporting the issue, please help us by including the following information:
    • What web browser you are using (i.e., Firefox, Chrome, etc.).
    • The steps you are following to try to log in to eCMS (please include a full-screen screen capture for each step so we can see exactly what is happening).
    • Your eMail address.
  • Please indicate whether your access issues are consistent or inconsistent (i.e., when did the issue start and have you been having the issue 100% of the time in the past 2 weeks?).

Update (8 June 23):  

  • The PSPDF viewer issue has been resolved.  If users are still having difficulty, please submit an STS ticket so the team can diagnose your issue.  Reminder:  Sometimes clearing your Web Browser cache before opening eCMS may fix your issue.

If you have any questions, please contact the COR / CM for your project. 

Tips and tricks

  • If users are having trouble signing a document they should "flatten" the file.  This can be done by using the print option on the file and selecting the MicroSoft Print to PDF printer.  Select "OK" and pick the location for the new "flattened" file.  Users should then be able to sign the new "flattened" document.
  • NMCI/ONE-Net will affect eCMS performance.  Your patience is greatly appreciated!
  • For large file uploads (> 20MB), please try uploading files individually, using "Add/Upload New."
  • If an attachment doesn’t open properly, try “right-click” on the document and “save as.”
  • If issues arise with the use of eCMS please contact the COR/CM.  If not able to be resolved it should be addressed with the local FEC representative noted at the bottom of the page.  If they cannot resolve, issues can be elevated to NITC Ops Watch via STS or


We're excited to offer a variety of eCMS training sessions to help you develop new skills and stay up-to-date on everything eCMS! 

The responsibility of development of training materials, and the coordination and conducting of training sessions has been assumed by Deloitte contractors. 

If you'd like a full list of the upcoming month of trainings, you can find that here: eCMS Training Schedule

To obtain a meeting invite and the corresponding training materials for a session you would like to attend, please fill out the following registration survey: 


**Registration must be done at least 1 day in advance. If you would like to obtain a meeting invite for a "same day" registration, please reach out to your eCMS POC.

Upon receiving the meeting invite you may forward as desired to your teams.

Before joining the meeting, please review the instructions for joining the meeting and distribute to the appropriate contractor personnel who may not have access. 

Thank you for your interest in our training program, and we look forward to seeing you at our next session!

Live Training Recordings and Materials

Module Link to Training Recording Link to Training Materials
Module 01 - eCMS Basics Click here Click here
Module 03 - Communications Click here Click here
Module 04 - Issues Click here Click here
Module 05 & 06 - RFIs and Submittals Click here Click here (Module 05)
Click here (Module 06)
Module 07 - Daily Reports Click here Click here
Module 08 - Meetings Click here Click here
Module 09 - Non-Compliance Notices Click here Click here
Module 10 - PSPDF Viewer Click here Click here
Module 11 - Checklist Click here Click here
Module 12 & 13 - Reviewer Template Maintenance and Distribution Lists Click here Click here (Module 12)
Click here (Module 13)
Module 14 - Punch Lists Click here Click here
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