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Mentorship is one of the most effective approaches for imparting valuable knowledge between employees. Mentoring typically involves a mentor who has valuable experience others can learn from, and mentees who are looking to apply that knowledge to their own career growth.

  • Provides employees with an opportunity to expand their leadership, interpersonal, and technical skills through a unique learning style.

  • Create a pipeline where senior-level employees can impart their deep institutional knowledge to employees still in the early- to mid-stages of their career.

  • Help teams retain valuable information that could otherwise be lost as employees move to other career opportunities or retire.

There are two different types of mentoring:

1. Informal mentoring occurs between employees when one gains knowledge and experience from the other through an unstructured professional relationship. Informal mentoring does not include specific goals or desired outcomes.

2. Formal mentoring programs are more structured, where mentors and mentees are matched together based on specific selection criteria or common professional backgrounds. Formal mentoring often includes specific goals and measurable outcomes.

Program Overview

The NAVFAC Mentoring Program is focused on an approach to advising and nurturing that creates a practical Mentoring relationship, between a Mentor and a Mentee, to enhance both the Mentee’s personal and professional development. It provides guidance that contributes to the development of a junior employee’s knowledge, values, practices. Mentors have the potential to assist Mentees in discovering their strengths and weaknesses, formulate a career path, set goals, manage stress, and balance work and personal obligations.

The purpose of the NAVFAC Mentoring Program is to:

  1. Provide a mechanism for formal Mentoring where Mentors and Mentees volunteer to establish Mentoring relationships with the intent of fostering professional development of specific skills and competencies

  2. Provide learning and development opportunities, resources, and support for Mentors and Mentees to be successful in achieving their goals.

  3. Ensure the smooth and seamless mentee transitions into more senior positions by imparting institutional knowledge.




Additional resources, including Program Documents and Mentor and Mentee Toolkits are available below.





NAVFAC Mentoring Program Overview



Adding Value and Improving Engagement as a Mentor



Adding Value and Improving Engagement as a Mentee



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