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Financial Management


Understanding and monitoring the organization’s financial processes. Prepares, justifies, and administers the program budget. Overseeing procurement and contracting to achieve desired results.

Proficiency Levels

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You have an awareness of budgeting and financial regulations and processes. You understand your responsibility for the careful use and protection of financial resources under your control. You adhere to budget controls as assigned. You provide correct financial information as required.

You monitor program/project expenditures for reporting purposes. You understand how to read, interpret, and use budgets and projections. You update budgets and projections diligently.

You understand the processes by which financial resources are identified, obtained, allocated, and managed. You make sound financial decisions after having analyzed their impact on the organization and operations. You allocate and manage financial resources transparently. You take a lead role in budgeting for projects and initiatives.

You ensure adequate internal control systems over financial assets, liabilities, and expenditures. You identify additional or alternative financial resources and opportunities for funding organization-wide projects, programs, etc. You design, operate, and monitor rigorous financial management systems. You act on objective financial performance information.

You have an in-depth understanding of the strategic contexts within which the current fiscal policy and procedures exist. You ensure partner organizations, agencies, and/or governments understand the organization’s fiscal issues. You ensure frameworks are in place for sound financial planning, management, control, and reporting. You ensure that the process and infrastructure are in place to provide managers with integrated financial performance information.

Learning Content

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