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Project and Program management


Implementing, participating in, and evaluating the results of programs, projects, or processes, and managing related resources, personnel, and activities to successful completion.

Proficiency Levels

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You have knowledge of fundamental project management processes, methodologies and tools. You understand the organizational purpose of a project and the ability to make decisions within that context.

You are able to encourage and enable people to work together as a team to accomplish a project. You develop and tailor approaches to ensure that the program or project outputs meet quality standards. You report project status to leaders and other relevant parties when asked.

You develop and manage the scope of a program or project with clear objectives, assignments, tasks, deliverables, dependencies, timelines, hours, costs, and risks. You have knowledge of team strengths and weaknesses and effectively utilize team members to perform tasks. You measure project progression and performance.

You establish clear processes and identify the objectives and measures for success necessary to achieve the desired outcomes. You identify key issues, risks, and problems, and pick the best choice among alternatives. You earn trust and respect from a project’s stakeholders. You use key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine whether a project is on track.

You have a high-level understanding of priorities and needs in the industry. You adapt project management processes to the organization’s products and services. You drive the strategic direction of the organization. You ensure systematic development of others in project and program management competency.

Learning Content

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