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We provide a combined military and civilian capability for peacetime and contingency planning, program management, development, analysis, design, construction, installation, inspection, maintenance, repair and reutilization or disposal of ocean facilities for the United States Navy and other Department of Defense activities. We further provide a responsive military capability for support of Navy and Marine Corps ocean, waterfront and amphibious operations. We have specific capabilities for war damage assessment and repair and for expedient construction.


Ocean Facilities we support include:

  • Offshore towers for aircraft training ranges
  • Underwater sensor and cable systems for acoustic and magnetic test ranges
  • Magnetic Silencing Facilities (MSF)
  • Underwater cable systems for communications and data telemetry
  • Fleet moorings, sophisticated deep water moorings and specialized storm moorings
  • Traditional waterfront facilities
  • Underwater pipelines and discharge outfalls
  • Arctic support facilities
  • Shore based medical and diver hyperbaric recompression chambers
  • Diver air supply systems


Services we provide include:

  • Underwater inspection of waterfront facilities and mooring systems
  • Repair of underwater and waterfront facilities
  • Inspection and assessment of underwater pipelines
  • Oceanographic surveys
  • Geotechnical and seafloor engineering surveys
  • Coastal engineering
  • Design and installation of specialized anchoring and anchor systems
  • Arctic and cold water diving and remote camp support


Support capabilities we provide include:

  • SCUBA and Surface Supplied diving to 190 foot water depth
  • Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles (ROVs)
  • Ocean construction support platforms such as the M/V Independence
  • Hydrographic or bathymetric survey systems
  • Seafloor side scan and subbotton sonar survey systems
  • Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) navigation systems
  • Diver geotechnical survey tools
  • Fiber optic and submarine cable test facilities
  • Deep ocean simulation pressure vessels
  • Shallow Water Ocean Simulation Facility
  • Ocean Construction Equipment Inventory (OCEI) of specialized equipment
  • Arctic "cold" equipment test facilities and camp support equipment
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