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Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Environmental Restoration Program Public Website

Community Involvement Plan

The Community Involvement Plan (CIP) identifies community concerns about the investigation and restoration of potentially contaminated sites at NNSY and describes how the Navy will meet the needs of the local community for information about, and participation in, the ongoing investigation and remedial processes.

To view the current Community Involvement Plan (2019), Click Here (May take a few minutes to fully load)

Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)

NNSY established a Restoration Advisory Board for the Navy installation, comprised of community members as well as representatives of the VDEQ and USEPA in 1995. The RAB typically met annually until 2007 when community interest in the RAB began to wane. From 2007 to 2011 two RAB meetings were held (2010 and 2011), but the RAB has been inactive since.

In an effort to re-engage the community in the CERCLA process at NNSY, an update to the June 2003 Community Relations Plan (now termed Community Involvement Plan) was initiated in Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 and was completed in FY 2020. The update documents local community issues of concern related to the NNSY Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) and describes how the Navy will meet the needs of the local community for information about, and participation in the ERP.

During the Community Involvement Plan update, enough interest from the community was garnered to consider reestablishing the RAB. The NNSY Partnering Team is currently planning to reestablish the RAB.

What is the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)?

The RAB, when reinstated, will give the community access to information about the progress of the Navy’s ERP activities at NNSY. The RAB concept allows an interested subset of the local community to become educated on the often highly technical aspects of the planning, investigation, and risk management decisions and actions of specific Navy ERP Sites and provide advice to the decision makers based on common issues and concerns of the local community. The RAB will also act as a liaison group, disseminating information to the community and soliciting the community for comments. The RAB is not a decision-making board, but a valuable resource in ensuring local knowledge, issues, and concerns are considered and incorporated where appropriate into the Navy’s planning and execution of the ERP at NNSY. The Navy will consider all advice provided by the RAB, whether offered as a consensus or by individual members.

What would I do as a RAB Member?

Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) members have two unique roles: (1) Provide advice to Navy decision makers and (2) Act as a liaison group to disseminate information to, and solicit concerns from the community. If interested, please download and fill out the application in the section below. RAB member responsibilities include:

  • Serve as volunteers and expected to attend all RAB meetings

  • Provide community input on local issues related to the Navy’s restorations activities at NNSY

  • Be available to the community to facilitate the exchange of information and/or concerns

Click here for the RAB rules.

For additional information pertaining to the Navy’s ERP, please contact the Navy Public Affairs Officer at:

Navy Public Affairs Office
9324 Virginia Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23511-3095

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