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Contracting with NAvfac

A-E Contracting

*NAVFAC Guide to Architectural-Engineering Contracts
*Will provide update when available

Provides details on the submission, selection, and award process of an Architectural-Engineering Contract with NAVFAC.  You will find valuable advice, procedural information, and contact information.


Military Construction

MILCON Solicitation and Award Forecast

Provides  for NAVFAC's planned Military Construction (MILCON) projects only.  The document is in PDF format and will be updated approximately quarterly.  Typically fewer projects will appear as the fiscal year progresses due to the exclusion of solicited and/or awarded projects.  This forecast is for advance planning purposes only.  All projects on this list are subject to change, especially FY21.  Businesses are encouraged to search or NECO for actual solicitations.  ~~Updated 12 JAN 2023~~


Environmental Planning

Environmental Projects & Planning Forecast

Provides the FY 22-24 Environmental Contract forecast (NAVFAC LANT only).  This forecast strives to make the best contractual solutions available to meet the full range of the Environmental Business Line and clients needs.  This is in compliance with 15 USC Section 6371 (1)(12)(C) and is for planning and informational purposes only and may not be all inclusive.  See Federal Business Opportunities at SAM.GOV and/or Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO) for official announcements, information, and requirements.  Contact the Responsible Activity's Contracting Officer for official information.


Other Procurement Information

Contract Labor Relations Fact Sheet

Provides the potential federal contractor with basic information regarding federal contractor labor standards in construction and service contracting.


Unique NAVFAC Contract Document Templates

Small Business Subcontracting Plan Template

This template is for use for Large Business Prime Contractors submitting Small Business Subcontracting Plans (SBSP) as part of their proposal, or in response to a request for an SBSP.  SBSPs are required when FAR Clause 52.219-9 is included in the contract, or when required in the Request for Proposal.  Contact your local NAVFAC Contracting Officer or Small Business Professional if you have questions concerning this template.  ~~Updated OCT 2017~~

Defense Cybersecurity Requirements

This document contains useful cybersecurity information and resources for small businesses including the link to the DoD OSBP Cyber Resources page Cybersecurity (  These websites offer basic cybersecurity training and helpful guidance.

SBA Cybersecurity Training: Small Business Administration (

Defense Security Service Training:  Cybersecurity (

FCC Small Biz Cyberplanner: Cyberplanner | Federal Communications Commission (

Defense Industrial Base Collaborative Information Sharing Environment: Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3) > Organizations > DIB Cybersecurity > DIB Cybersecurity (DCISE)

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