NAVFAC Southwest Announces Emerging Leader Program Cadre 2020

05 December 2019

From Mario T. Icari , Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest Public Affairs

SAN DIEGO (NNS) -- Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Southwest announced Public Works Business Line (PWBL) Emerging Leader Program (ELP) Cadre 2020 selectees, Nov. 25 in San Diego.

SAN DIEGO (NNS) -- Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Southwest announced  Public Works Business Line (PWBL) Emerging Leader Program (ELP) Cadre 2020 selectees, Nov. 25 in San Diego.

“It is my honor to announce our Emerging Leader Program (ELP) Cadre for 2020,” said Capt. Michael Oestereicher, NAVFAC Southwest commanding officer, in a Nov. 25 email announcing the selectees. “This program parallels the NAVFAC Southwest Leadership Development Programs, but targets our trades workforce.”

The ELP is a one-year program that focuses on developing and improving leadership skills and competencies for future leaders within the Federal Wage System (FWS) pay plan. Selection into this program is highly competitive and fully recognizes NAVFAC Southwest’s FWS employees at the journeyman, leader, and supervisory levels who are highly motivated to broaden their understanding of the different functions within NAVFAC and gain an understanding of roles and responsibilities as leaders.

NAVFAC Southwest’s ELP supports NAVFACs Strategic Design focus area of People. The goal of the ELP is to develop and improve leadership skills and competencies of our future leaders within the Federal Wage System pay plan. The program develops leaders by providing a solid foundation of leadership skills and team building, enhanced by training and developmental experiences.

The ELP is available to supervisory and non-supervisory positions in the following Federal Wage System (FWS) pay plan:  WG-08 through WG-12 journeymen; WL-08 through WL-12; and WS-09 through WS-15. The program offers each individual ELP candidate the ability to customize their experience to develop their leadership skills through a robust program of training, interviews, access to leadership, mentoring, and a greater perspective of the organization.

The selection process into the ELP involves completing an application package of questions, and endorsements from the individual's leadership chain. A panel interviewed ELP applicants as part of the process for final consideration. The ELP's three distinct tiers and its requirements differ at each level. Journeymen WG-08 through WG-12 are Tier 1. Work leaders WL-08 through WL-12 are Tier 2. Supervisors WS-09 through WS-15 are Tier 3.

 “Please join me in congratulating those selected,” said Oestereicher. “All are highly deserving of this developmental opportunity.”

Metro Production Office selectee is Cross Connection Control Mechanic Roberto Montoya. Public Works Department (PWD) Coronado selectees are HVAC Mechanic Justin Piatt, Electrician Jose Rivas, Maintenance Mechanic Jose Rugama, Insulation Leader Andre Tellez, and Welder Tyler Woof. PWD Lemoore selectees are Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic Jayson Black and Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic Tyler Hollback. PWD Pt. Loma and MCAS Miramar selectees are Painter Miguel Gutierrez, Construction Mechanic Edward Mascle, Electronic Alarm System Mechanic Russell Quick, and Painter Armando Santos. PWD San Diego selectees are Electronic Mechanic Moises Brambila, Electrician Alberto Delmar Jr., and HVAC Mechanic Brian Hampton. PWD Ventura selectees are Boiler Plant Equipment Mechanic John Anderson, Maintenance Mechanic Leader Jay Anderson Rigger Ernest Gutierrez, and Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic Julian Riordan.

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