Environmental Restoration

The Environmental Restoration Program is a Department of the Navy (DoN) initiative to identify, investigate and clean up former waste disposal sites on military property.

The Program’s objectives are to reduce the risk to human health and the environment from past waste disposal operations and hazardous material spills in a cost-effective manner.

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Administrative Record Files (ARF)

The ARF is a collection of documents compiled by the Department of the Navy to document military installation Environmental Restoration Program environmental response actions. Documents are continuously being added to installation ARFs.

The ARF serves two purposes:

  • It provides access to site-specific information so that the public may make informed comments to the US Navy on the selection of response actions.
  • If the adequacy of a response decision is challenged in court, the judicial review of that decision will be based on the documents in the ARF.


Documents Available for Public Comment

Throughout an Environmental Restoration cleanup, some documents are made available for public review and comment. Public notice of a document’s availability is announced through a variety of media outlets.

The public is encouraged to use formal comment periods to submit comments on proposed cleanup choices. The Navy welcomes comments at any time on installation Environmental Restoration cleanup work.

Some installations have Administrative Record Files and other documents available at community outreach centers; other installations use online public web pages for the Administrative Record File and to make documents available for public comment. Directions for making comments are provided. Consult individual installation web pages for point of contact information.


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