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Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) Sites

An Initial Assessment Study (IAS) was performed at ABL in 1983 to identify and assess Sites posing a potential threat to human health and/or the environment due to contamination from past hazardous materials handling and operations. Nine potentially contaminated Sites were identified during the IAS process (IRP Sites 1 through 9) and an additional four sites were added to the IRP since the IAS (IRP Sites 10 through 13). Seven sites have been closed with no further action required. The active IRP site locations are shown in the figure below and additional information can be found in the individual Site Descriptions. Information regarding IRP sites that have since been closed with no further action can be found in the annual Site Management Plan update located in the Administrative Records.

Click on a site name within the Active IRP Sites figure below for further information.

Active IRP Sites

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