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Facility Background

Naval Station Great Lakes is located in Lake County in northeastern Illinois. It is bounded by the city of North Chicago to the north, the Village of Lake Bluff to the south, Lake Michigan to the east, and Skokie Highway (U.S. Route 41) to the west. The Naval Station spans over 1,202 acres within both the North Chicago Branch River Drainage Basin and the Lake Michigan North Drainage Basin.

Naval Station Great Lakes was established in 1911 as a naval training station. This location was selected because of its proximity to Chicago and its access to rail transportation. The original activity comprised 39 buildings on 167 acres; after considerable expansion, the current activity now consists of 1,060 buildings upon its 1,202 acres. It is currently used for basic military training for the United States Navy and international military personnel, and it is used to support the Recruit Training Command and the Training Support Center.

The facility boundary for Naval Station Great Lakes is shown in red with Site boundaries outlined in pink on subsequent figures.


Facility's Environmental History

An IAS was conducted in 1986 that identified potentially contaminated sites at Naval Station Great Lakes. Using information from the IAS, the Navy’s Environmental Restoration Program has identified 26 potential sites where hazardous materials may have been released to the environment. Naval Station Great Lakes is not listed on the USEPA National Priorities List as a facility that has hazardous waste sites which pose a threat to the public’s health and/or the environment that need to be addressed. However, the Navy is using the Environmental Restoration Program to conduct voluntary investigations to obtain regulatory closure of sites at Naval Station Great Lakes that have environmental impacts caused by historical disposal and operation practices.

Four sites (Sites 6, 11, 13, and 14) were identified for no further action (NFA) in the IAS. Following the completion of various investigations and remedial actions, NFA determinations were obtained for Site 7, Site 16, Site 17- Pettibone Creek, Site 18, and Site 20. A request for no further action has been made for Site 23. The following is a summary of major investigations and studies for Naval Station Great Lakes to date.

Event Date
Initial Assessment Study (IAS) 1986
Remedial Investigations/Risk Assessments (RIs/RAs) 2001-2014
Interim Remedial Actions, Site 7 and Site 22 2002 and 2007
Feasibility Studies (FSs) 2005-2015
Record of Decision (ROD), Site 7 2003
ROD, Site 16 2008
ROD, Site 22 2008
ROD, Site 1 and Site 4 2010
ROD, Site 17-Pettibone Creek 2013
ROD, Site 19 2013
ROD, Site 5, Site 9, and Site 21 2014
ROD, Site 12 2016
(First) Five-Year Review 2016


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