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Site 8 – Exchange Service Station

Historical Use

Building 145 was constructed in 1960 as a gasoline service station. It was a slab on grade foundation of approximately 1,664 square feet with an attached storage shed of 400 square feet. A hazardous waste storage area was on the site for limited storage of paint/solvents and waste oil. The facility and all associated structures (UST, and oil-water separator [OWS]) were removed in 2001.

In 1983, a major gasoline spill occurred at the Navy Exchange service station (Building 144/145) on the Mainside area of the activity. Approximately 3,000 gallons of gasoline were spilled when a line leading to the underground storage tanks ruptured.

Remedial Actions

Product recovery wells were installed to pump out the contaminated gasoline. The recovered fuel was delivered to the Fire Fighting Training Area for disposal. After the recoverable gasoline was removed from the ground, contaminated soil was also removed for off-base disposal. A 24-hour fire watch was put in effect, and the area was monitored by the Fire Department for a month following the spill.

Despite the thorough cleanup at the spill site, the odor of gasoline can still be detected in the basement of the nearby Post Office (Building 112) after heavy rain. Apparently, residual gasoline remaining in the subsurface gets displaced by percolating rainwater and enters the lowest levels of the building.

Contaminants of concern are PAHs that exceed residential soil standards for the ingestion pathway. Building 145 does not pose a threat to human health or the environment under an industrial/commercial land use scenario. With the installation of an asphalt parking lot, an engineered barrier exists preventing ingestion of soil. The asphalt is 3 inches in thickness and is maintained by the Great Lakes Public Works Center ensuring the integrity of the cover.

Previous Investigations

Previous investigation at this site is the IAS.

Current Status

The site has been recommended for additional study.

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