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Site 19 - Small Arms Range Building 910

Historical Use

The former Recruit Training Center (RTC) Rifle Range had been located in Building 910 since 1942, and remained in operation for approximately 58 years until the demolition of the building in 2000. It is estimated that 19 million pounds of spent ammunition were generated by this facility. Chemicals primarily composed from petroleum products and distillates (i.e., VOCs and PAHs) were used on rags as a cleaner at the Rifle Range and were disposed of in the dumpsters, along with the empty cans.

A dry cleaning facility is located just southwest of the former Building 910. Dry cleaning operations have been active for over 50 years. A Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) storage unit and tanks were located at the northern end of the dry cleaning facility, approximately 80 feet southwest of Site 19.

Remedial Actions

In 1998, prior to the demolition of Building 910, two soil samples were collected adjacent to the building. The building was demolished in August 2000, and the site was covered with 12 inches of topsoil and hydroseeded. Soil samples were also collected in 2001 on Lake County Property located east of Building 910, two of which were collected near Site 19. One sample was collected slightly north and east of Site 19, and another was collected southeast of Site 19.

A RI/RA was conducted to collect soil and groundwater samples and the report was prepared in 2010. A Focused Feasibility Study was prepared in 2012. A 2013 ROD documented LUCs as the remedy for the site.

LUC objectives are to prohibit unacceptable risk from exposure to contaminated soil under residential use scenarios, and to restrict disturbance of surface and subsurface soil. There is a prohibition of residential and non-residential special uses (such as for child-care facilities, pre-schools, elementary schools, secondary schools, playgrounds, convalescent or nursing care facilities) for a population that requires special protections. Also, the installation of groundwater wells (other than environmental evaluation or monitoring wells) is prohibited by Naval Station Great Lakes Instruction 11130.1 (Groundwater Use Restrictions).

Previous Investigations

Previous investigations, plans and documentation at this site are: a site Investigation; RI/RA; FS; PP; and a ROD.

Current Status

LUCs have been implemented at the site.

Site 19 Map


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