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Site 21 - Building 1517/1506 Area

Historical Use

The area north of Building 1517 may have been used to store waste or scrap material on concrete pads next to rail spurs from the 1930s to 1940s. These materials may have been hauled away by railcar, or sent to an incinerator which was located in the northwest portion of the site until 1964. Prior to 1950 until the 1960s or 1970s, the site was used as a coal stockpile area, which covered most of Site 21 north of Building 1517. The site was historically associated with salvage operations. Building 1517 is currently used for equipment storage.

Site 21 contained several buildings and parking lots, was almost entirely covered by buildings and pavement. A storage building is located south of Building 1517 and is used by the paint, plumbing, and electrical shops and others. A temporary hazardous waste storage area is located next to Building 1517 at the southwest corner. Building 1506, located in the northwestern portion of Site 21, houses offices along with the garage and fueling station for base support and government vehicles.

Remedial Actions

A RI was completed in 2012. The RI was completed in two phases. A geophysical survey was completed prior to Phase I of the RI to determine the edges of suspected disposal areas related to the Site 9- Camp Moffett Ravine Fill Area, which is mostly located within the boundary of Site 21; this information was used to guide the subsequent media sampling efforts. Phase I of the RI field work was conducted in September 2009 and consisted of the drilling of soil borings, and collecting and analyzing soil samples. Phase II of the RI fieldwork was conducted in November 2009 and consisted of the installing a permanent groundwater monitoring well, collecting and analyzing groundwater samples, and surveying the groundwater monitoring wells.

Soil was determined to have VOCs, SVOCs, pesticides and herbicides, PCBs, dioxins and furans, and metals at concentrations exceeding screening criteria. Groundwater samples collected during RI activities had VOCs, SVOCs, pesticides and herbicides, and metals at concentrations greater than screening criteria.

A Focused Feasibility Study Report was prepared in October 2013. A Proposed Plan was completed in February 2014. The Site 21 ROD was signed in 2014, and describes a remedy including LUCs to restrict further use of the site and make sure contaminated soils are covered by a barrier to prevent exposure. LUCs were implemented in May 2016.

Previous Investigations

Previous investigations, plans and documentation for this site are: RI/RA; FS; PP; and a ROD.

Current Status

LUCs have been implemented at the site.

Site 21 Map


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