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Site 24 – Panhandle Fill Area

Historical Use

No site documentation is available; however, the Panhandle Fill Area was known to Navy personnel as a fill area. No records of fill materials, boundaries, or activities are available. Within the fill are two small and distinct waste areas with a maximum thickness of approximately 12 feet. The waste consists of general refuse; paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, and wood. The most significant constituents detected are VOCs in groundwater, and metals and PAHs in soil and sediment. Metals and PAHs are widely detected at the site. While some site detects are above published and accepted background levels, the widespread nature and consistent concentrations of detects at the site suggests that metal concentrations at the Panhandle Fill Area are from background soils.

Remedial Actions

A RI/RA was initiated in 2012 by the Navy, and has been completed at the site. Human health risk assessment results show that the potential incremental lifetime cancer risk (ILCR) exceeds the EPA risk management range for exposure to groundwater for the age-adjusted trespasser and age-adjusted resident due to concentrations of arsenic, total TEQ, and Aroclor 1242 in groundwater. Hazard indexes for the occupational worker (surface soil only) construction worker, child trespasser and child resident exposed to soil, groundwater and sediment are above the EPA target non-cancer hazard index (HI) of 1. The HIs are driven primarily by concentrations of metals. The ecological risk assessment results indicate that there is potentially unacceptable ecological risk to ecological receptors from direct contact exposure to zinc in Site soils and several metals and chlorinated pesticides in Skokie River sediment. A remedial design is being prepared to excavate the waste material and contaminated soil for disposal at a permitted landfill, and restore the site.

Previous Investigations

A RI/RA has been completed at this site.

Current Status

A FS, PP, ROD, and Remedial Design are in process for this site.

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