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Community Involvement

To facilitate involvement of the community with the NSN Environmental Restoration Program the Department of the Navy has executed a proactive community relations program to manage issues during the Environmental Restoration process. A Community Relations Plan (CRP) was developed in August 2003. This CRP was prepared based on interviews with members of the community and identifies community concerns and outlines community relations activities to be carried out by the Navy.

Based on the interviews, a Restoration Advisory Board (RAB), an advisory unit made up of community members, local environmental group members, and state, and federal officials was developed. The RAB met on a semi-annual basis and was designed to function as a focal point for the exchange of information between NSN and the local community regarding environmental restoration activities. However, since the facility achieving construction complete status in September 2010, reduced the need for the RAB to meet on a regular basis.

The CRP also included the publishing of news releases to provide timely, accurate information to the local media, as needed. Navy officials prepared news releases and/or hold news conferences to report major site events and to announce public meetings and other opportunities for public involvement. In particular, news releases were typically issued at the following milestones:

  • At the beginning of the RI/FSs sampling and analysis
  • At the completion of the RI/FSs
  • At the commencement of the public comment period on the alternatives identified in the RI/FS Report and Proposed Plan
  • When final engineering designs are made available

The Community Relations Plan, now called a Community Involvement Plan, is currently being updated to identify the current community interest in the NSN Environmental Restoration Program to meets the needs of the community.

Public Notices

Public notices are issued to announce public meetings, the dates of public comment periods for Proposed Plans, changes to the Record of Decisions and Five Year Review reports, which document the status of the ongoing site remediation at nine sites. The notices are published in The Virginian-Pilot and on this web site. For the public notice of the Fourth Five Year Review Report click here.

Public Comment Periods and Meetings

Proposed Plans, and revisions to the plans, are made available for public comment. A public meeting is held for each Proposed Plan issued by the Navy. The meeting is held at the information repository location during the Proposed Plan public comment period. During the meeting, Navy officials will discuss the findings of the Remedial Investigation report, the various cleanup alternatives, the Navy's preferred cleanup alternative, and the rationale for the preferred cleanup alternative. Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments at the meeting. The public may also submit written comments during the public comment period. A Responsiveness Summary is prepared for significant comments received and is made available in the information repository.

Notices announcing the public comment periods are published in the legal section of The Virginian-Pilot and on this web site. The documents are made available for review in the information repository and on this web site.

Information Repository

An information repository consisting of a reference collection of general and NSN and NSA site information, including documents for public review, the CIP, Superfund information, and fact sheets. The information repository is maintained at:

Information Repository
Kirn Library (Main Library)
235 East Plume Street
Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 664-7323

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are issued to provide stakeholders with current, accurate, easy-to-understand information about the Navy's environmental investigations at NSN and NSA. The fact sheets are issued as needed through the course of activities, such as after completion of a Remedial Design and prior to initiation of a Remedial Action. For the current Fact Sheet on the Five Year Review Report click here.


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