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Site 1- Old Incinerator Ash Disposal Area


Historical Use

Site 1, the Old Incinerator Ash Disposal Area, was located at the north edge of the Activity near the Facility Storage Building. Ash from the Old Incinerator had been deposited in this area. Between 1954 and 1973, about 3 tons per year of classified documents and small quantities of paint and film wastes were incinerated at this location. Metals from paint and film wastes were potential sources of contamination to soil and groundwater. A second incinerator was located on the eastern facility boundary near the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile Development (AMRAD) Building (not shown on figure).

This site is divided into two areas: a 5,000-square-feet area at the base of the Old Incinerator, which is mostly covered by pavement; and an 8,000-square-feet area to the east of the Old Incinerator, which is covered with fill and is partially re-vegetated.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment based on residential use did not identify potential unacceptable human health risks or risks to the environment at Site 1. Therefore, no action is necessary at Site 1 to ensure protection of human health and the environment. A No Further Action ROD was issued in September 2000.

Previous Investigations

Previous investigations, plans and documentation at this site are: IAS; RI/RA; and a ROD.

Current Status

No Further Action



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