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Site 2 - Components Laboratory Fuel Tank


Historical Use

Site 2, the former Components Laboratory Fuel Tank was located at the northeast corner of the Components Laboratory Building (Building 1). It was a 20,000-gallon underground storage tank (UST), which supplied No. 6 fuel oil for boilers from 1953 to 1982. In 1982, the UST was drained, cleaned, and abandoned in-place because of a leak of approximately 200 gallons of No. 6 fuel oil to the surrounding soil. Chemicals of potential concern (COPCs) were total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil, and TPH and metals in surface water.

Remedial Actions

An oil/water separator was installed in 1982 to collect oil and water, which had percolated through the soil as a result of the release. The UST and approximately 50 to 75 cubic yards of oil-contaminated soil were removed in 1989.

A risk assessment based on residential use did not identify potential unacceptable human health risks or risks to the environment at Site 2. Therefore, no further action is necessary at Site 2 to ensure protection of human health and the environment. A No Further Action ROD was issued in September 2000.

Previous Investigations

Previous investigations, plans and documentation at this site are: IAS; RI/RA; and a ROD.

Current Status

No Further Action


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