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Environmental Restoration Program Sites

Fifty-nine potentially-contaminated Installation Restoration Program (IRP) sites, Solid Waste Management Units (SWMUs), and Areas of Concern (AOCs), and Munitions Response Program (MRP) areas have been identified for evaluation at St. Juliens Creek Annex (SJCA) based on assessments and investigations. Three IRP sites (Sites 2, 4, and 21) and no MRP areas are currently active in the SJCA Environmental Restoration Program (ERP). Following desktop audits, Site Investigations, and/or removal actions, 56 sites, SWMUs, and AOCs have been identified for no further action by the SJCA ERP Partnering Team.

Click on a site name within the Active IRP Sites or No Further Action ERP Sites figures below for further information.


Active IRP Sites

Active IRP SitesSite 4Site 21Site 2



No Further Action ERP Sites

No Further Action SitesSite 3Site 5Site 6Site 16Site 1Site 7Site 8Site 20Site 19Site 18Site 11Site 13Site 12Site 10Site 17Site 9Site 14Site 15UXO 1UXO 1AOC 2AOC 11AOC KAOC EAOC 6AOC 9AOC 4AOC 5AOC 14AOC 10AOC 13AOC 12AOC 3AOC 8AOC 7AOC 1SWMU 26SWMU 10SWMU 18SWMU 12SWMU 21SWMU 11SWMU 19SWMU 22


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