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Site 4 - Landfill D

Background: Landfill D consists of 8.3 acres in the northeastern portion of SJCA at the confluence of Blows Creek and the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River. The first indication of activity at Site 4 was trenching identified on a historical aerial photograph from 1961. From 1970 until 1981, sanitary landfill operations were conducted at Site 4 and the wastes managed were primarily trash, wet garbage, construction material, and out-dated civil defense storage material. RI activities identified potential risks to human health and the environment from exposure to chemicals in waste, soil, and drainage sediment.

A remedial action was conducted from March through October 2005 and included:

  • Installation of a minimum 2-foot soil cover over the landfill
  • Removal of surface debris from the wetland area adjacent to Blows Creek
  • Removal of drainage sediment and re-construction of site drainages
  • Implementation of LUCs to prohibit digging into or disturbing the soil cover or landfill contents and to prohibit future residential use and development of the site


A Remedial Action Completion Report was finalized in September 2006 documenting the completion of the remedial action and demonstrating that the remedial action objectives described in the FS had been met. Because the remedial action resulted in hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants remaining on site, a five-year review was conducted in 2020 to determine if the selected remedy remains protective of human health and the environment. The Third Five-Year Review indicated that the remedy at Site 4 is in place, functioning as designed, and is protective of human health and the environment. Exposure pathways that could result in unacceptable risk have been addressed by previous remedial action activities and continue to be controlled through a combination of a soil cover and LUCs.

CERCLA Status: Site 4 has achieved Response Complete. LUCs are in place to prevent unacceptable exposure to waste and COCs in soil.

Next Steps: Implementation and maintenance of the LUCs, and five-year reviews will continue to be conducted.


Map of Site 4 - Landfill D


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