Charleston Naval Complex

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The Charleston Naval Complex (CNC) is located in the city of North Charleston in Charleston County, South Carolina. This installation consists of two major areas: an undeveloped dredged materials area on the east bank of the Cooper River on Daniel Island in Berkeley County and a developed area on the west bank of the Cooper River.

The developed portion of the base is on a peninsula bounded on the west by the Ashley River and on the east by the Cooper River. Due to the size of the base and the level of detail required for investigations, the CNC was divided into 12 investigative zones.

The land use surrounding the CNC is mature urban, having long been developed with commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Commercial areas are primarily west of the CNC with industrial areas lie primarily north of the CNC and along the west bank of

Shipyard Creek. The area west of Shipyard Creek is concentrated with industrial users and has been for many years. Railroads have served the area since the early 1900s. The presence of railroads, when combined with nearby waterways, has made the area ideal for industry.

While ownership has changed over time, the Land adjacent to the CNC remains in use for chemical, fertilizer, oil refining, metallurgy, and lumber operations. In contrast, the east bank of the Cooper River is undeveloped and contains extensive wetlands, particularly along Clouter Creek and Thomas Island. Disposal areas for dredge materials are located on Navy property between the Cooper River and Clouter Creek.

For additional information visit the Navy Base Realignment and Closer (BRAC) Program Management website.

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