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Community and public outreach is an important activity that reinforces trust and confidence in the Navy and its people and educates the public about the capability, importance and value of today’s Navy.

UXO-004 Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EECA) for Non-Time Critical Removal Action

UXO-004 EECA Notice of Availability and Public Comment Period

Public Notice of Commanding Officer’s Memorandum

Minutes from the 23 July 2019 Restoration Advisory Board Meeting

Commanding Officer’s Memorandum Regarding the Formal Adjournment of the Restoration Advisory Board


Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)

The purpose of the RAB is to promote community awareness and to obtain constructive community review and comment on environmental restoration actions to facilitate the overall cleanup of Installation Restoration (IR) Program sites. The RAB is designed to disseminate information about the IR Program and to ensure opinions about environmental restoration reflect the diverse interests within the community. The RAB mission is to establish a forum with the community, regulators and NAS Key West for the input and exchange of information in an open and interactive dialogue concerning the installation’s environmental restoration program. NAS Key West's RAB was established in 1995. Title 32 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 202 allows for the adjournment of a RAB when there is no longer documented sufficient, sustained community interest. The recorded minutes of the RAB meeting on July 23, 2019 documents the RAB’s concurrence with adjournment based on the lack of sufficient and sustained community interest. On September 18, 2019, the Commanding Officer of NASKW formalized the adjournment of the NASKW RAB in a Memorandum for the administrative record.

The Navy, Navy contractors and the state’s Florida Department of Environmental Protection meet regularly to review and comment on Navy environmental restoration activities at NASKW. These meetings will continue beyond the adjournment of the RAB.

Should you want any information concerning NASKW’s environmental restoration actions, please contact: the Installation Restoration Program Manager, (305) 797-4461, or the Public Affairs Officer (305) 293-2027, Naval Air Station Key West Commanding Officer Code PR74 P.O. Box 9007 A, Key West, FL 33040.


Historic RAB Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes
July 1998 November 1998
March 1999 March 2000
June 2005 June 2006
June 2007 June 2008
July 2009 July 2010
July 2011 July 2012
July 2013 July 2014
July 2015 July 2016
July 2017 July 2018
July 2019  


Reference Materials

For more information regarding the Restoration Advisory Board visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) website:

Restoration Advisory Board Implementation Guidelines

32 CFR 202.10: RAB Adjournment and Dissolution



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