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Installation Restoration (IR) Sites

UXO 1 – Base Stormwater Outfall Ditch

The area of the Base Stormwater Outfall Ditch site is approximately 14 acres and includes the ditch and property immediately to the south and west. The drainage ditch has a west-east orientation and is approximately 1500 feet long, 100 feet wide, and 30 feet deep. The majority of the ditch bottom and sidewalls are densely vegetated with grasses, brush, and some trees. The upstream outfall pipe discharging into the ditch is located at the western end with stormwater flow moving from west to east. Standing water, up to an estimated depth of five feet, is typically present in approximately half of the ditch in various ponded areas

The drainage ditch is bordered to the north by four operational munitions bunkers (Buildings 1772 and 1773A through 1773C) and to the south by the former Arm/Disarm building (Building 1774). Discarded military munitions (DMM) were initially observed on the bottom of the westernmost portion of the drainage ditch near the outfall pipe. These munitions included 20-millimeter (mm) projectiles, a 3-pound (lb) practice bomb, and small arms ammunition.

The upland area identified for the removal action in the western portion of the site is approximately 4 acres in size. This upland area is bounded by the southern edge of the road that accesses magazine 1772, the eastern edge of the magazine 1773, a line running parallel to the southern edge of building 1774, and a line that is approximately 100 ft west of the road that runs west of the storm water ditch. This upland removal action area footprint does not include the ditch.


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