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Large numbers of munitions and explosives were left behind by years of training on the Former Vieques Naval Training Range. The Navy is making Vieques safer for residents and visitors by reducing the risk of encountering potentially dangerous munitions on the Island. To protect Vieques residents and visitors, roads leading to the areas that contain munitions and explosives are closed to the public and identified with warning signs.

What is UXO?

UXO stands for unexploded ordnance. When military munitions do not explode, they become UXO. Examples of UXO include, bombs, rockets, projectiles and grenades.
  • UXO comes in many shapes, sizes and colors.
  • UXO may be visible on the surface or buried.
  • Age does not matter. Old rusty items can kill or injure.
  • Size does not matter. Even small items can kill or injure!

New or old...Shiny or rusty...Clean or dirty...It is all very dangerous!


Recognize, Retreat, and Report if you Encounter Munitions

If you find UXO, remember the 3Rs of Explosives Safety:

Recognize — Recognizing when you may have encountered a munition is key to reducing the risk of injury or death. If you encounter, or suspect you may have encountered a munition, consider it extremely dangerous. Remember, munitions are sometimes hard to identify.

Retreat — If you encounter or suspect you may have encountered a munition, do not touch, move or disturb it, but immediately and carefully - do not run - leave the area following the same path on which you entered. If you can do so safely, mark the general area, not the munition, in some manner (for example, with a hat, piece of cloth, or tying a piece of plastic to a tree branch).

Report — When you think you may have encountered a munition, call 911 or the police at 787-741-2020 to report what you have found.

Dangerous Areas that are Restricted

The map shows the areas that are restricted. Please stay away from restricted areas of the former Navy range, including the surrounding waters, until all investigations have been completed. Those who trespass expose themselves to grave danger. Please observe the warning signs! No Pase Sign


Which Beaches are Open to the Public?

Beaches open to the public are Bahía Corcho/Playa Caracas, Playa Pata Prieta, Playa de la Chiva, Playa Escondida/Playa La Plata and, on the west side of the island, Punta Arenas.

For More Information

Visit http://www.denix.osd.mil/uxo/ to learn more about munitions safety and the Department of Defense's Military Munitions Response Program.


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