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NAS Patuxent River – Sites/ Operable Units/ Munition Response Sites

Depending on the complexity of the sites or the need to address portions of the sites at NAS Patuxent River, the Navy and EPA have the flexibility to subdivide a site into operable units (OUs). NAVFAC Washington has divided some of the ER sites into OUs to facilitate remediation of the sites and achievement of key milestones associated with site closeout, such as “Remedy in Place” or “Response Complete”. Sites/OUs that have not reached either of these two milestones are considered “Active” sites in various phases of investigations or remediation. In addition, the Navy started to evaluate munitions response (MR) sites at NAS Patuxent River in 2008. These ER sites/ OUs and MR sites are discussed in more detail in the figures below and the Site Management Plan.

ER Site Descriptions

Active ER and Remedy in Place Sites
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Response Complete, No Further Action,
and Closed Sites
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MR Site Descriptions

MR Sites UXO-0001 and UXO-0002
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UXO-0003 - Former Island Ranges
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