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Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant Bethpage

Environmental Restoration Program Public Website

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Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)

Established in 1999

Purpose: Community Awareness, Public Participation, Information Exchange and Stakeholder Involvement Foster Community / Government Partnership Diverse Membership Representing a Variety of Positions

May 2023 RAB Meeting Presentations

  1. NWIRP Bethpage Program Overview

  2. OU 2 Groundwater Monitoring/Modeling Results

  3. Recovery Well RE137 Interim Action Update

  4. Phase III (RW8 to RW11) - Southern Plume Intercept Treatment System Update

  5. RE108 Phase II Groundwater Treatment Plant and Pipeline Construction and Operation

  6. RAB New Member Flyer

What is the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)?

The RAB gives the community access to information about the progress of the Navy’s ERP activities at NWIRP Bethpage. The RAB concept allows an interested subset of the local community to become educated on the often highly technical aspects of the planning, investigation, and risk management decisions and actions of specific Navy ERP Sites and provide advice to the decision makers based on common issues and concerns of the local community. The RAB will also act as a liaison group, disseminating information to the community and soliciting the community for comments. The RAB is not a decision-making board, but a valuable resource in ensuring local knowledge, issues, and concerns are considered and incorporated where appropriate into the Navy’s planning and execution of the ERP at NWIRP Bethpage. The Navy will consider all advice provided by the RAB, whether offered as a consensus or by individual members.

What do I do as a RAB Member?

Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) members have two unique roles: (1) Provide advice to Navy decision makers and (2) Act as a liaison group to disseminate information to, and solicit concerns from the community. If interested, please download and fill out the application in the section below. RAB member responsibilities include:

•  Serve as volunteers and expected to attend all RAB meetings (two annual meetings for Bethpage)
•  Provide community input on local issues related to the Navy’s restorations activities at the former Navy/Grumman site in Bethpage
•  Be available to the community to facilitate the exchange of information and/or concerns

Click here for the RAB rules.

How do I become a RAB Member?

Submit your completed application to Navy PAO: or leave a message at 757-341-1410 /11

Click here to download the RAB Member application.

RAB Calendar

The RAB meets at either the Bethpage Community Center-103 Grumman Road West, Bethpage or the Town of Oyster Bay Ice Skating Center Community Room, 1001 Stewart Avenue, Bethpage. Check our Calendar for dates and for occasional changes to time or place.

Review the Administrative Record at the Bethpage Public Library, 47 Powell Avenue, Bethpage, New York.

All RAB meetings are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend, but please note that there will only be a limited amount of time for questions from the public following the RAB presentations. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the Open House prior to the RAB meeting to ensure their individual questions are addressed.

For more information, please contact:

Public Affairs Office
Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Mid-Atlantic
9324 Virginia Avenue Norfolk, VA 23511-3095
Telephone: (800) 747-7168

RAB Meeting Minutes

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